Structural Design Construction Documents.  Provide calculations, plans, details and specifications for: 

  1. New Construction

  2. Additions and Alterations to Existing Structures

  3. Repair and Strengthening of Existing Structures

  4. Retaining Walls for slope stabilization, slide repair and landscapinG

Structural Observations.  Provide visual observations of the structural system at significant construction stages and the completed structure for general conformance to the approved plans and specifications.

Structural Plan Check Services.  Review calculations, plans, details and specifications and prepare an  itemized list of required clarifications and corrections.

Expert Witness.  Provide professional opinions regarding structural design and construction.

Technical Reports

  1. Describe existing structural conditions.

  2. Review existing structural systems for code compliance. 

  3. Provide recommendations for remedying structural deficiencies.Services

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